China Bound

China-Bound is a series of work that reflects the duality of China that I experienced during my artist residency in Jingdezhen. These are a people partly confined by politics yet yearning for something more. Much of the country seems intent on aspiring to hyper-capitalism, while at the same time the soul of the country – its tradition – refuses to be quashed. My work is often abstract portraiture. In these works I try to capture what I believe to be at the core of this duality; for me the best way to express this is to scale back to bare essentials: primary colours and foundational Euclidian geometrical forms – the sphere, the cube and the pyramid. Each shape on its own represents an aspect of Chinese tradition, depending on the combination of patterns employed. Placing the forms at the centre of the altered vessels with a half-happenstance, half-meditative sense of asymmetry is a natural way of meaning-making. China Unbound speaks to the innovation of the Chinese artist’s spirit, bursting with new energy, encircled in freedom – with caveats.