OCT Terminal & Shenzhen

Siya Chen, Yam Lau and I had a guided private tour of the OCT Art galleries. The shows were by an artist couple: Inga Svala Thorsdottire (Iceland) and Wu Shanzhuan (China). The exhibition, What a Form: A Reportage, was minimalist, yet provocative – and challenges its audience to consider the dynamics of form and space, and the journey to discovery – quoting Wittgenstien heavily – and drawing on Euclidian geometry. (images will be posted on my blog later this evening).

I suggested cold-calling one of the artists in residence at the OCT, an American, Adam Avikainen. Adam ended up coming to lunch with us, and then decided to join us in Guangzhou. Adam is an emergent, yet internationally exhibiting conceptual artist – and we spent some time having him discuss his portfolio with us. He was preparing for a group show at OCT Terminal. Adam was open about the pitfalls of working with a super star curator, with whom he is currently working – Anselm Franke.

We also toured the local Fine Art Museum, the Design Studios of OCT and the Contemporary Art Gallery in Shenzhen. The photo’s are highlights.